The name dry cleaning is, to some extent, inaccurate: it is not really a dry procedure. Various solvents, such as hydrocarbons, are used to treat clothes instead of using water and detergents. In this washing process, no moisture is used, hence the term “dry cleaning.” In this procedure, clothes are put in a huge solvent machine that removes marks and stains, and cleans the clothes. They are dried in the same or different machine after the products have been washed and later ironed.


  • Oil and fat are not water-soluble, which ensures that the stains cannot be removed by water. On the other side, dry cleaning solvents can easily remove stains and marks without damaging the leather.


  • In the solvent, the beadings can undergo discoloration or disintegration.
  • Undistilled chemicals can be harsh and transform the white color into grey by low-cost dry-cleaning machines. The treatment process can be specifically hard for black leather coats.

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